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Teaching Kids to love Learning

Remember why you became a teacher?

You want to make a difference. To inspire children to think critically, question, problem solve and become independent, curious learners who come skipping into your class ready to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and energy.

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Instead, You Are :

Seeing kids zone out and disinterested in learning

Frustrated with traditional teaching that’s boring and fails to ignite curiosity

Exhausted and drowning in documents and curriculum

Struggling with limited time and resources

Unsure how to go about making changes that foster curiosity and critical thinking

Are you ready for a change?

To move away from the traditional boring way of teaching that serves no one, to a more meaningful experience for you and your students?

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Despite what the naysayers say, inquiry is still the number one strategy that nurtures curiosity and a love for learning.

Inquiry-based learning is NOT a separate subject or something you do on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s a mindset, a stance that will help you ignite a love for learning in your students, and make a real difference.

Inquiry dovetails with explicit instruction, it’s not a replacement for explicit instruction.

Inquiry is THE strategy for nurturing critical thinking, problem solving and independence in EVERY learner.

Inquiry keeps kids curious!

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Curiosity is the spark that ignites a child’s passion for exploring the world, and it’s a trait that can be nurtured through everyday experiences.

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I’m Here to Help You Put the Love Back Into Teaching and Learning

I’ve seen the magic of inquiry-based learning up close and personal. It’s like flicking a switch and seeing the lights come on in a child’s eyes!

My mission is to help you go from feeling overwhelmed and struggling under the weight of everything, to feeling confident and armed with the tools and know-how to integrate inquiry and spark curiosity.

So, let's:

Nurture confident learners who can problem solve, question, and think critically

Identify opportunities where inquiry naturally fits and aligns with curriculum outcomes

Reduce your workload by Integrating inquiry and making cross-curricular connections

Create engaging experiences for children that are in tune with their natural love for nature, play and stories

Rekindle your love for teaching, because that’s what inquiry will do for you


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About Me

Edwina has a kind and caring nature which made me feel at ease in the session. She gave me some great ideas of where to take my learning and I loved her suggestion of the floor book. I was able to discuss out loud with her my worries and concerns and she gave me strategies and ideas of how to work through it all. Edwina is so passionate and her love for her work carries through all she does.

Natalie Rees

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