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Ep 24 Interview with Dr Claire Warden – The Meaning of Nature Pedagogy in Practice

Episode Description

Today we welcome Dr Claire Warden, Nature Pedagogist, author, education consultant, entrepreneurial leader and founder of Auchlone, a multi award winning nature kindergarten in Scotland.

We unpack what nature pedagogy is, and how educators can include it in their settings and teaching practice. We discuss the benefits of risk, and the importance of curiosity and fascination when it comes to sparking a love for learning in children.

In addition Claire discusses the importance of observation and documentation when working with children and gives ideas on how to implement floor books for planning, guiding the line of inquiry, and documenting children’s learning.

To read how you can implement nature pedagogy in an urban environment go to https://bloomingcurious.com/the-meaning-of-nature-pedagogy-in-practice/

Website: https://bloomingcurious.com/
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